Ann HeestersAnn Munro Heesters
Director of Bioethics, University Health Network
Chair, UHN Rehabilitation Science and Medicine Research Ethics Board

Telephone: (416) 340-4800, ext. 8607
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Ann Munro Heesters is the Director of Bioethics at Toronto's University Health Network and Chair of the UHN Rehabilitation Science and Medicine Research Ethics Board. She has been practicing in the field for approximately fifteen years and was the Director of Ethics at The Ottawa Hospital before coming to Toronto in 2009. Ann has an abiding interest in the professionalization of practicing health care ethicists and, with her colleagues at the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, helped to author a code of ethics for ethicists. She is also a founding member of PHEEP (Practicing Healthcare Ethicists Exploring Professionalization) and a director of the newly established non-profit Board called CAPHE (the Canadian Association of Practicing Healthcare Ethicists).


A former reservist with the Canadian Infantry, Ann has periodically reviewed research proposals (related to the rehabilitation of veterans and active duty service members) for the United States Department of Defense.