Application Deadlines


Applications are due by
June 14, 2019


Prospective students must be admitted to one of the 12 collaborating graduate units before applying to the CSB program.


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Education: CSB - Program Details

Interim Program Director: Jennifer Gibson, PhD


The CSB prepares students who will specialize in bioethics with an emphasis on innovative interdisciplinary research and scholarship in bioethics, and trains scholars whose primary goal is to contribute original research in bioethics. Innovations in basic and clinical science often raise profound ethical issues for which appropriate answers and optimal solutions currently do not exist but are capable of being better understood through rigorous applied research. Students are expected to conduct innovative research in relation to the discipline of their home departments, and to have a working knowledge of selected bioethical issues from the current viewpoint of each of the other relevant disciplines. Students who are interested in a professional master's-stream program should inquire into the Master of Health Sciences (MHSc) in Bioethics.


Students must be enrolled in one of the collaborating unit listed below to participate in the CSB at the master's and/or doctoral levels.


The 12 participating graduate units are:

CSB Executive Committee: